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Security & Surveillance

Professional Security Cameras & Surveillance Systems

Many times, a discipline or business opportunity arises and grows based on an unfortunate experience or happening. Initially a demand for business, industrial, educational or commercial application is, where we first began installing security camera systems.

Home Security Cameras

Keep Your Home And Family Safe & Secure

A major growth spurt in residential applications is upon us due to increased family concerns and the protection of life and property. Past systems were clunky and used mainly for visitors to be seen at the entrance door from any TV in the home. Now sophisticated DVR and NVR solutions allow us to provide 24 hour recorded surveillance for our clients with the ability to view the camera images on smart phones, tablets and computers from anywhere in the world. Pan, tilt and zoom from your smart device.

Commercial Security Cameras & Surveillance

Network cameras allow HD images to be viewed, paused, rewound and enlarged in a fraction of time. Let our experts design a system for you derived from our no cost or obligation on-site evaluation.

Home Automation

I always remember my first home automation experience when I was young. I was always the kid who got to reset the Torx timer for our post light when the power went out or the time change happened. I was also a remote control when I was a kid! Mick, change the channel ...

Obviously, home automation and control systems have come an extremely long way since those days. We can program your lighting system to come on at dusk, shut off at dawn or anywhere in between. Motion sensors illuminate the lights when you enter the laundry room with a basket full of clothes. Make your home look lived in while away or provide a visual flashing alert if the security system is breached. Set a scene for entertaining, mood or goodnight.

Your Home Automation System

Come home to your favorite soothing music playing after a tough day at work or access your favorite recorded TV program anywhere in your home. The ability to have your thermostat learn your habits or be adjusted from your smart phone on the way to your home is very desirable. How about your shades automatically lowering on a bright sunny day to protect your valuable furnishings?

And control the entire experience from the device that typically never leaves our side with your smart phone.

Home Entertainment

Home entertainment can be described and experienced in many ways, shapes and forms. The terms home theater, surround sound, media room, multi-room AV or stereo are all used to quantify forms of home entertainment.

The family unit of today utilizes home entertainment to bring together family and friends and to provide a retreat from the everyday hustle, bustle and stressful world we live in. Of course, we love to design, create and install the lavish home theater systems that you see on TV all the time and some of which you may see from our very own client portfolio... but the reality is our most common home entertainment project is hanging a flat panel TV over a fireplace and providing our clients with a sound bar or surround system to augment the sound and enhance the experience.

Delivery, Installation, Satisfaction

Our job as an integrator is to meet the needs of our client. To us that means prescribing the right equipment for the job and budget. We are happy to evaluate your home so we can feel the space. After a visit to our showroom we feel we can properly suit the needs of each and every client on a personal custom level.

It's all about simplicity. Most TV's look pretty good when watching HD or Blu-ray source material and when coupled with sound enhancement provide a pretty impressive experience that envelops you and makes you feel like you're at the game or in a movie theater! One of the most important and neglected factors is the interface in which is required to make it all happen. To hand someone four or five remote controls at the end of a project and try to teach them how to use the system can be a pretty daunting task. We provide remote control programming which results in the use of one remote control, touchscreen, tablet or smart phone to control your entire system. The beauty of a single remote or smart device solution is the effortlessness provided to simplify the process so that the intimidation factor is removed. We like to call it "babysitter proof"! When you're out with your friends or loved ones the last thing you want is to get a phone call about how to play the DVD for the kids! Remotes from companies like URC (Universal Remote Control), RTI, and Crestron provide the seamless integration to make your Home Entertainment system, installed by Towne TV, perform easily and reliably for years and years. Call us today for a free in-home evaluation or stop by to speak with one of our sales professionals so you too can experience the "Best Home Entertainment System in Towne"!

Home Theater Systems

There is a reason why we are deemed the home theater experts here in the capital region! With our impressive track record of high end theaters and unparalleled audio and video experience, we guarantee a world class home theater experience. At Towne TV we pride ourselves in our ability to transcend our customers unique vision of excellence, by leveraging past experiences and expertise. You ask, we deliver.

Home Theater Installation

Our factory trained custom installers are constantly adapting to our ever-changing industry and staying on the cutting-edge of the latest and greatest. There are no tasks too big or too small for our Towne TV installation team and we can make your digital fantasies a reality.

Home Theater Furniture

Imagine watching your favorite action movie in your own home and feeling the rumble of a fierce explosion or car chase resonate through your chair. With Palliser home theater chairs and ButtKicker transducer technology, this is all possible. Also enjoy some of our other top of the line brands such as Salamander.

Projectors & Screens

Flat panel TV's have taken the industry by storm and the cost per inch is constantly declining. One of the best values we sell, however, is a front screen projection system. Screens from a 100" to as large as a 140" have found their way into bonus rooms, dedication rooms, and basements in many of our clients' homes. Projectors of today are smaller, brighter and more lifelike than ever before and provide a cinematic experience that will rival the best commercial movie theaters. This is truly an exhilarating experience to enjoy your favorite movie or sporting event in the privacy and security of your own home. With lifelike images and powerful sound from Home Theater Speaker systems that can disappear into your setting, you will feel like you're at your favorite cinema!

Flat Panel Televisions

We carry Samsung, Sony, LG, Sharp, and Sunbrite outdoor TVs. Check out our 4K televisions and HD LED TVs on our beautiful television wall, which features over 30 high definition televisions.

Convenient TV Delivery And Installation

Professional delivery and installation is always available from our trained experts. DIY support is also an option for our tech and home improvement enthusiasts!

Multi-room Audio

We have been doing Multi-room audio since the early 90's and have installed literally thousands of speakers inside and outside of the home. Improved technology and the intense desire for young and old to have their music with them at all times has made this category our most sought after. In-wall or in-ceiling speakers are our most popular selling speaker option. These speakers are seamless, sound great and can disappear into your architecture. We also offer totally invisible speakers that blend into your Sheetrock and are painted or papered over. Of course, we still offer wall mount, floor standing and bookshelf speakers as well as outdoor year-round bracket mount and landscape options. Rock and planter speakers make for a great conversation piece!

Whole House Audio

Keypads, volume controls, smart devices and laptops can all provide control of your musical experience from legacy products like CD players to the intensely popular streaming options such as Pandora, Internet radio, Sirius/XM, Spotify, rhapsody and many more and constantly growing.

Wireless speaker solutions from Sonos, Soundcast and Nuvo have come a long way and can provide an alternative solution to labor intensive installations. Select your iPhone to your favorite playlist and you become a walking music source!

Rock n' roll in the kitchen, classical in the living room, country on the deck or rap in the basement ... the possibilities are endless

Our experts will be happy to provide you with a showroom demonstration today and follow it up with a free on-site evaluation.

Multi-room Video

With the advent and explosive growth of flat panel TV's more clients are finding unique locations to watch TV both indoors and out. Samsung, Sony, Sharp, Sunbrite outdoor TV's and Toshiba round-out our lineup of popular sought after brand names.

The question when we mount a flat panel TV is always ... "where do I put the cable box or satellite receiver?" TV's with built in Wi-Fi have provided an alternative solution for many viewers but the need to locate the devices remotely is in high demand. We overcome this obstacle in a variety of ways with radio frequency remotes to control devices in closets, cabinets or even in your basement. The signal can be derived from Digital modulation devices that will send a high definition signal over standard coax cable that is in most homes today. Newer homes wired with cat5/6 cabling provide a superior solution and are growing daily. The ability to have each family member have their own cable box or satellite receiver and be able to watch their programming on any TV in the house is an excellent solution for homes where most TV's are wall mounted and there is a large number of TV's.

View your security cameras, Apple TV, cable Box, Blu-ray or satellite receiver in 1080 HD resolution with a superbly designed Multi-room video system from experts at Towne TV!

Commercial Audio/Video

Audio & Video Installations For Businesses

Although this part of our business started on a small scale and initially derived from clients that had work done in their homes, today nearly half of our business comes from installations in non-residential facilities. Our team of professional installers provided a top-notch home install which resulted in referrals to provide services at the work place. Corporate board rooms, training rooms, sports bars, retail, hospitality, eateries, school systems, universities, rock quarries and fitness centers are some of the types of businesses that have a professionally designed and installed Towne TV system.

Review a spreadsheet, engage your staff, secure your facility, entertain your patrons or "wow" a prospective client with seamless intuitive operation with a Towne TV installed A/V system that we are certain will provide a lasting impression for many years to come!

Expert Installation For Conference Centers, Theaters & More

These commercial audio and video systems are comprised of a variety of different disciplines such as large screen front projection systems, conference centers, theaters, touch panel integration, digital white boards, sound reinforcement systems, background music, flat panel TV's, video conferencing, digital signage, security cameras, lighting and HVAC control to name a few of the type of projects. We are proud to be the A/V provider for all the Recovery Sports Grills and the Vent Fitness centers in the area and well beyond

Commercial A/V Brands We Carry

Product from manufacturers such as Epson, Sony, Chief, Crestron, Dalite, Vutec, RTI, URC, Samsung, ZeeVee, Speakercraft, TOA, Lutron, Electrovoice, Toshiba, Speco, Brightsign and countless others round out our arsenal of devices to provide solutions for hundreds of business clients throughout the State and beyond.

Wireless Networking

We'll Help You Stay Connected

With the enormous rise in smart phones, tablets, TV's, components, appliances and a multitude of other devices requiring internet access our team of experts has taken on the challenge to extend and educate themselves to be able to facilitate a wireless or wired network in residential and smaller scale business applications. Indoors or out we have the tools, components and knowledge to keep you connected, entertained and social!

Serving Schenectady and Surrounding Area Free Consultation

Contact us for a complimentary, no-obligation site survey. Our team of experts will evaluate your Residential or Commercial project, which will provide us with the information we need for a successful installation.

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