Onkyo HiFi Series Integrated Stereo Amplifier-A-9070

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Onkyo HiFi Series Integrated Stereo Amplifier-A-9070
Onkyo HiFi Series Integrated Stereo Amplifier with audio playback and four amplifier modes


Onkyo has declared war on distortion. The success of its campaign against noise is evident the moment you switch on the A-9070 Integrated Stereo Amplifier. New DIDRC (Dynamic Inter-modulation Distortion Reduction Circuitry) dampens super high frequency distortion. Closed ground-loop circuits, HICC (High Instantaneous-Current Capability), and vibration-damping construction combine to produce a startlingly pure sound across a wide dynamic range. The units four 15,000 µF capacitors keep plenty of power at the ready. Efficient parallel push-pull amplification paired with three-stage inverted Darlington circuitry works at reducing distortion to almost nil. Separate Wolfson® 192 kHz/24-bit DACs for both left and right channels improve performance. The unit is also equipped with 192 kHz/24-bit HD audio playback to handle modern formats. Four discrete amplifier modes integrated amp, power amp, pre-amp, and split pre-amp/power amp offer flexibility when integrating other hi-fi components. Details like an independent headphone amplifier, a phonograph equalizer, three digital audio inputs, four analog inputs, and gold-plated audio terminals/speaker posts speak of the highest build quality. The superb craftsmanship, technological refinement, and attention to detail invested in the A-9070 make it worthy of serious consideration for those in the market for top-shelf hi-fi gear.
Audiophile-Quality Parts
  • To ensure optimal performance from the A-9070, Onkyo’s engineers incorporated a range of professional-grade parts. Four 15,000-micro-farad capacitors and an extremely low impedance 0.05 (1.2 mm) thick copper bus plate both contribute to achieving a smooth and stable power supply. Machined and gold-plated RCA and phono terminals ensure an extremely clean connection.
New Circuit Board Construction
  • Rather than being directly connected to the chassis base, the circuit boards inside the A-9070 are cushioned by internal struts and affixed to the front, side, and rear panels. This method of construction prevents vibrations from the chassis from adversely affecting the circuit boards
Four Amplifier Modes For The Ultimate In Versatility
  • Boasting the combined capabilities of a pre-amp and a power amp, the A-9070 is an amplifier with a difference. At the turn of a knob, it can be configured to run in any one of four distinct modes. Depending on how you want to integrate it into your hi-fi system, you can use it as an integrated amp, as a power amp, or as a pre-amp. On top of that, you can also set up the A-9070 in split mode. This enables the pre-amp and power amp to work separately, so you can incorporate another device, such as an equalizer.


Analog Audio(RCA) Input7
Impedance4 ohms–16 ohms (A or B), 8 ohms–16 ohms (A + B)
Optical Digital(Fiber Optic) Audio Inputs1
Power Off Consumption (watts)3.3 Watts
Power On Consumption (watts)140 Watts
Analog Audio(RCA) Output2
Depth16.31 in.
Height6.87 in.
Shipping Weight48.5 lbs.
Signal to Noise Ratio107 dB (Line, IHF-A) 60 dB (Phono MM, IHF-A) 70 dB (Phono MC, IHF-A)
Width17.12 in.
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