Elan Integrated Multi-Room Audio Controller-S1616A

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Elan Integrated Multi-Room Audio Controller-S1616A
Elan Integrated Multi-Room Audio Controller with level matching per output and input and individual bass, treble and loudness per zone


Built upon the foundation of ELAN’s legendary D16 digital power amplifier, the S1616A offers unprecedented flexibility and value. The S1616A is available in two configurations – single chassis and dual chassis. In single chassis mode the S1616A supports 8 stereo or 16 mono inputs, or combinations thereof. Output options for Ssingle chassis provide for connection of up to 256 speakers in virtually any configuration. Dual chassis configurations support 16 stereo inputs and up to 128 pairs of outputs. Both configurations support up to 64 unique zones. As a multi-zone/multi-source amplified controller, it has no equal. The S1616A is your go-to choice for superior music performance. Rated at 50 watts per channel into 8 ohms and 75 watts per channel into 4 ohms, the S1616A has the capacity to drive your speakers to high output levels with clear beautiful sound. Coupled with a wide variation in input and output configuration, the S1616A is perfectly suited for both residential and commercial projects. The S1616A includes user enhancements to make operating the music system in any environment a real joy. In addition to whole house music, which allows the entire system to listen to the same source, it introduces Zone Grouping and House Scenes. Zone Grouping allows common areas, like the master suite or a dining area, to be easily joined. House Scenes memorize the status and settings for all zones (at the end user's direction) and allow them to be recalled with the press of a single button. For the end user, especially one in a large project, using the S1616A is simple and convenient. The S1616A provides an abundance of controls to tailor the sound perfectly to each zone’s unique acoustic environment. Bass, treble and loudness are available per zone. Each output may be configured as left, right or summed mono. Each output also features high and low pass filtering, allowing high performance sub/sat speaker arrangements without additional electronics.The S1616A is fully compatible with the ELAN C2 communications controller allowing house wide paging and door chime announcement. The advanced g! programming and operating environment make the S1616A easy to configure and easy to use. While other systems require complex programming, g! requires only minutes.in Multi-Zone or Amplifier Mode, the S1616A is a powerful option that provides you with configuration options like no other product
Additional Features
  • Sources:Single Chassis – 8 stereo or 16 mono and Dual Chassis – 16 stereo
  • Zones: up to 64 unique zones
  • Outputs: 16 expandable to 256; 50 W @ 8 ohms, 75 W @ 4 ohms
  • Outputs configurable as left, right, or mono
  • Crossover high and low per output
  • Individual Bass, Treble and Loudness per zone
  • Level matching per output
  • Level matching per input
  • WHM, 8 Groups and 3 House Scenes
  • Rack Mounting with included rack brackets
  •  ACE™ Automatic Clip Eliminator
  • g! required – multi-source/multi-zone works only with home controllers


Analog Audio(RCA) Input8
Impedance49k ohms
Power On Consumption (watts)21 Watts
Watts per Channel50 Watts
Analog Audio(RCA) Output8
Depth17 in.
Height5.87 in.
Shipping Weight54 lbs.
Signal to Noise Ratio102 dB
Width17 in.