Elan Communications Controller-C2

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Elan Communications Controller-C2
Elan Communications Controller with 10 user-selectable door chimes and high-quality whole-house paging and door chimes


An ELAN Communication Controller changes the way people live. it not only opens new avenues of in-home communications, but delivers a new level of convenience, comfort and security that your clients will relish. More than music, more than video, more than almost any other whole-house electronics feature – ELAN telecommunication functions are the most-used feature in the home. With the C2 communication controller, your clients can use any corded or cordless touchtone phone to:
  • Page throughout the house over the multi-room system’s speakers
  • Converse phone-to-phone with other household members
  • Speak with visitors at any door
  • Activate door latches to let visitors in
  • Place callers on hold
  • Mute or un-mute music
  • Control relay-activated devices such as garage doors or lighting
  • Select from 10 whole-house digital door chimes and more

initiating ELAN telecom features is easy and intuitive. Use the "*"or "#" key to initiate a feature – then follow it with a “P” for Page, “d” for door, “h” for hold or “M” for Mute. if there’s more than one door station in the system, d1 thru d4 connect you to each door station independently. You can even program a phone’s speed dial numbers for one-button access to any C2 feature.

Transform any multi-room audio system into a multi-line communications network that seamlessly integrates intercom, telephone and automation features to create an environment of easy in-home 
communications.The C2 is the ultimate easy add-on to, or closer for, an ELAN Multi-Room System!
  • Convenient alternative to on-wall intercoms & expensive phone systems
  • Uses standard touch-tone phones
  • high-quality whole-house paging & door chimes
  • Phone-to-phone intercom
  • Caller-on-hold w / music
  • 10 user-selectable door chimes 
  • independent access of up to 4 ELAN door Stations*door latch control for up to 4 doors
  • On-hold & off-hook alerts (defeatable)
  • Whole-house music mute
  • 4 phone-activated triggers
  • dual telco inputs for ELAN features on 2 lines 
  • Audible door chime at door stations (defeatable)
  • Standard dial tone, caller id & voice mail pass-thru
  • 48v operation for multi-line system compatibility 
  • Enhanced surge protection
  • USB port for downloading enhancements
  • Rack-mount ears (included)


Analog Audio(RCA) Input1
Analog Audio(RCA) Output1
Depth12.5 in.
Height2.38 in.
Width17 in.