About Us

Towne TV is a family operation that has been in existence since 1956 when my parents Mike and Mary Valletta opened a small shop on Curry road in Rotterdam. They started out selling and servicing the few TV's in circulation at that time and also provided the installation of car radios and roof top TV antennas. While still holding down full-time jobs they began to grow their business. Honesty, dedication, many long days and a continually growing client base required a move to a new location. They needed a larger space and wanted to own their own building. A house owned by the Dagostino block family on Altamont Avenue in Rotterdam was their final choice after a long search. They kept the facility small at first and then as the business continued to flourish they started to expand. Every expansion became a major undertaking as we went along realizing that every interior wall was made of block!

Technology continued to grow and service became more important than ever before and that is where the legacy of Towne TV and Mike Valletta really evolved. Dad would work six days a week and some very long days both in the store and on the road selling and servicing TV's. His fairness and honesty are what built the Towne TV reputation that we are still fortunate to maintain today and he provided a value instilled in me that I will never change in the way I run my business. Mom was the business side and her frugal nature is a reason why Towne TV is still in existence today portraying the "waste not-want not" mentality that we still utilize running our operation and when advising our clients today. She still helps out in the store and keeps me in line!

Today we enjoy a state of the art facility that is nearly 12,000 square feet located near the Thruway on Carman Road. We have been at this location since 2001 and fortunately my Dad was able to enjoy the fruits of his labor for a short time before his passing. We are able to demonstrate what technology is all about in our spacious showroom and we feature some of the top names in electronics and major appliances.

About 23 years ago I became restless and wanted more of a challenge than the everyday consistency of retail sales and service. I began educating myself with the help of associations such as CEDIA and trade magazines in the field of custom installation. We began wiring homes and businesses at night, mornings and weekends and still opened the store everyday at 9am. That was the deal we made with my Dad. What started out as a few hours a week grew into 7 days a week and sometimes that wasn't enough! Home theater systems, multi-room stereo, home automation, lighting control, security cameras, intercom systems and TV's throughout the home with distributed video were some of our first projects and still play an important role in our continued growth towards becoming the premier audio video company in our region for both residential and commercial audio video installations. This part of our business built mainly on reputation and referrals is what still stirs my passion and is the most rewarding part of our business.

To work with a client from start to finish on a multitude of varied projects provides a satisfaction that is very fulfilling and has provided me with many friends and relationships with builders and businesses over the years and I deem these to be invaluable.

To promise a lot and deliver even more is something we do on a regular basis with an experienced installation team that is second to none and a project manager that brings it all together in the name of KC Goewey. You may recognize his name from a family business in the automobile industry. He understands what it means to provide the effort and energy to do whatever it takes to make our clients smile!

I am very fortunate to have an excellent staff consisting of employees that have been with us for many, many years. Manager Paul Demilio is over 35 years employed and represents the face and voice of Towne TV and especially when seen and heard on TV with his deep voice selling our long standing slogan of "Where you always get... The best in Towne!" This slogan was created by my Dad over 40 years ago and was resurrected one day while cleaning out the attic in the old store and we discovered some old print ads. See our team portfolio to learn more about our expert staff. We truly aspire every day to provide our clients with an impressive experience with every transaction and want to live up to our slogan of giving you the "Best in Towne"!

Thank you for reading about our History and sharing my stories!

-- Mickey Valletta